Free Numeral Flashcards – Vol. 1 (1 – 10)

This set of printable and interactive flashcards teaches the numbers (1 – 10) with dominoes.   Included are the following educational activities:

1. Interactive Number Chart: Click to hear the number’s name.

2. Find the Number: Click on the matching number.

3. Connect the Dots: Connect the dots from the lowest to highest number and see a picture.

4. Numeral Worksheets: Print out and trace each number and then write each number by yourself.

5. Fill the Board: Put the numbers in order from lowest to highest.

6. Count Backwards: Put the numbers in order from highest to lowest.


This set is available in three languages (English, French and Spanish) and works great in the ESL / ELL / EFL classroom as well as ESE and special needs classrooms.



eFlashcards – Numerals (1 – 10) with Dominoes

Activities – Numerals  (1 – 10)


Activities – Numerals  (1 – 10)


Activities – Numerals  (1 – 10)


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